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"Khyphosis is gone. It helps reduce my stress and back & neck pain from sitting at school and carrying my backpack. It makes me feel comfortable."
-Michael M.

"My overall health has improved, able to sleep better, and best part is I can move without constant pain! I feel the best when I see Dr. Char on a consistent basis since I am not able to rest, relax and focus on myself. She is the best!"
-Rana T.

"Charlene Lindberg suggested I see a specialist for my shoulder pain and gave me a name and number of one. I had much more damage like Char had said and I had to have surgery. Now thanks to Heartlight Chiropractic I am well on my way to a full recovery! I'm a life long member. Thank you Char."
-Terri H.

"I have only been coming for two months, my back pain is getting better and I am getting a much better nights sleep. An added bonus has been the additional range of motion with my arm and shoulder. It's been two years since I have been able to tuck my arm under my pillow when sleeping at night. Very excited to have this improvement."

"Within the first few months of chiropractic adjustments my daughter's ear infections slowed down. She used to get ear infections 1-2 times a month. The doctor was ready to put tubes in. Within 3-4 months her ear infections stopped all together- no tubing surgery needed."
-Lisa F.

"Every appointment is an ego-boosting visit, and reminds me how fortunate I am to have a health professional so keenly aware of how I think, react and counter the daily stresses that are unavoidably tied to a pleasing and productive life. I'll stick my neck out for you anytime, Dr. Char--just like you have countless times for my family and myself."
-Margo S.

"Headaches less, back pain minimal and TMJ managed."
-Genia S.

"Very good results, when I first started going to Charlene Lindberg D.C. I could barely walk and hadn't worked in four months then everything came together!"
-Jackie L.

"Keeps me aligned results from suggested recommendation-- has helped overall healthiness of body. Very rarely get sick, even from a cold."
-Denise F.

"Dr. Char has 100% improved my condition every time I have been in for treatment. I had headaches for years and Dr. Char was the one that determined the cause was my jaw. And sent me to a craniofacial doctor which was able to fix the problem along with my continued chiropratic care with Dr. Char. If it wasn't for her I would still be suffering as it had been going on for years. I had seen many specialists and no one had been able to figure it out. I also had 16mm herniation in my back and was in extreme pain. Dr. Char was able to adjust and give me immediate relief. Along with an MRI confirmation of the herniation, she provides continued overall care, for me in regards to my two injuries and over all health. I don't know what I would do without her care and expertise!"
-Patty J.

"Headaches, dizziness and passing out upon standing stopped. Able to concentrate better in school.--Char is like family!"
-Rachel S.

"I am a firm believer and both my kids go here.--Saves TONS of doctor visits!"
-Jenifer G.

"Improved symptoms, friendship, and caring christians."
-Alyce P.

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